Public Works

The Public Works Director oversees and is responsible for the areas of streets, storm sewer, water, sewer, parks, cemetery, and the golf course.

The main function of the Street Department is to properly maintain the streets and right-of-ways within the City. This includes street patching, sidewalk, curb and storm sewer maintenance, snow and ice removal, and street cleaning. The streets department also provides a monthly residential brush and yard waste pick up as well as maintenance of the City’s compost site. The parks department is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds located within the City’s parks system, golf course and two cemeteries. The Water and Wastewater Utility is responsible for maintaining the water and sewer systems and operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

City Ordinances:

  • Brush, Weeds and Grass
  • Tree Planting & Trimming Regulations 
  • Obstructing Streets & Sidewalks
  • Snow Removal
    • To minimize hazards of slippery road conditions to motorists and pedestrians through tried and proven methods of snow and ice control on city highways, streets, alleys and parking lots.
    • To reduce economic losses to the community and industry caused by workers and commercial enterprises not being able to get to their jobs, or to make deliveries.
    • To facilitate handling of emergencies by fire, rescue and police activities in winter months.
    • To restore traveling condition for the convenience of general public to normal as soon as possible after each storm event.
Classes of roads (in order of priority)
  • Main streets – These include state and county highways and collector streets for through traffic as well as residential streets having unusual geometry such as steep slopes.
  • Residential streets – these include lesser traveled streets as well as dead ends.
  • Alleys and parking lots – Most alleys and parking lots are cleared at the same time as residential streets but could receive less attention depending on the severity of the storm.