Lancaster Police Department

 Mission Statement

To provide professional, effective and dependable law enforcement services to every citizen, visitor and business within the City of Lancaster.

The Lancaster Police Department is a full-time agency, staffed by 7 full time officers and a number of part time officers. Our reception area is staffed from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday – Wednesday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Thursday with our Administrative Assistant/Parking Enforcement. After 3:00 pm, a voice message will direct you to contact the Grant County Sheriff’s Department for emergency situations. For non-emergencies, please leave a message and an Officer will return your call as soon as possible.

Programs either conducted or supported by our Police Department:

  • Police Pals - This is a program delivered by most of our officers in which the officers introduce themselves to grade schoolers and explaining our function as police.
  • Medication Roundup - The Lancaster Police Department offers free disposal of your unused, expired or unwanted medication, prescription and over the counter. The box is located in the lobby of the Police Department, and you can drop your medication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please drop off pills in their original containers (Hartig will shred all prescription bottles) or seal the pills in a Ziploc baggie. Accept: Prescription pills/Capsules/powder packets and liquids (please call ahead to drop off liquids 723-4188), over the counter medication, vitamins, patches, ointments. Do Not Accept: Thermometers, inhalers, needles, auto injectors, aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide. Thank you for keeping Lancaster safe!
  • Unused Ammo Collection - Do you have unused ammo around the house not sure how to dispose of it? We can help. We are now accepting ammo under 50 caliber. We will bring it to the Wisconsin Crime Lab who will dispose of it. The Wisconsin Crime lab will not take ammo over 50 caliber or specialty ammo (including exploding, trace rounds.) The reason is because the specialty ammo will damage the machine that dispose of the ammo. They will not accept black powder either. If you have any ammo you want to dispose of, please make contact with one of our officers.
  • Cages for Rent - If you ever find yourself dealing with an unwanted animal in your yard we have cages you can borrow. The cages are free to borrow, we just ask that you return the cage back to us in the condition you received it. If the cage gets damaged we ask you replace the cage. We also ask you do not keep it for more than one month. If you catch anything, you will need to find your own way to get rid of the animal. A suggestion would be to release the animal at the city landfill on Cty K.
  • Free gun locks - Gun locks are available, no charge, at the police department.
  • Security Checks - Are you leaving for vacation? Do you want someone to keep an extra eye on your house? If so call or stop in and fill out a Security Check form or complete one online. While the officers are on patrol they will make sure to drive by and check your house.

  • Fingerprinting - Do you need to get Fingerprinting for your new job, conceal carry permit, to be a foster parents, etc? If so, our office does do fingerprinting.  Cost is $10 per session.  Please call to verify an officer is available to do the fingerprinting. You will need to bring your own fingerprint cards and your driver's license so we can verify you are who you say you are. 

  • Parking Ticket Box - Do you have a parking ticket to pay?  We offer a parking ticket drop box right outside the police department. This allows you to pay your ticket anytime. We recommend turning in your yellow parking ticket/mailed notice with the payment. Please try to paperclip or put the payment in an envelope before dropping it in the box. The box is emptied daily. Fees:  $10 for the first week and goes to $20 after one week.

Staff and Officers

  • Chief Debra Reukauf

  • Administrative Assistant/Parking Enforcement - Julie Inghram

  • Sergeant Justin McLimans

  • Officer Matthew Haverland
  • Officer Kyle Sperfslage
  • Officer Emma Blume
  • Officer Erik Ward
  • Officer Jayden Brecker

Requirements: Our officers are required to have a minimum of 60 college credits, attended a law enforcement academy as designated by Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Bureau, and receive a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education per year. Officers must complete a mandatory field training program prior to working alone. 

Contact information:

Lancaster Police Department

Phone: (608)723-4188
E-Mail: DebR@lancasterwisconsin.com

Lancaster Police Department
222 South Madison Street
Lancaster, WI 53813