Business Growth - Technology - Launch, Grow, Succeed

We are looking for two distinct groups

1)     Individuals who are making Quality of Life choices – they are looking for a lifestyle that Lancaster provides

2)     Businesses that are Ag related, with a Tech focus

Within these two groups, we are looking to support:

  • Freelancers
  • Remote Workers
  • Co-Working
  • Rural Entrepreunership/Start Up
  • Branch Offices of Tech Companies or of Companies that have Tech needs

To do so we will look at providing:

  • Services

o   Mentoring

o   Networking

o   Meet-ups

o   Education

o   Finance

o   Administrative

o   Other Resources

  • Facilities

o   Co-working space

o   Meeting Room

o   Private Rooms

o   Equipment

o   Gigabit Internet

o   Maker Space

o   High School Fab Lab