Lancaster Development Strategy

Lancaster Development Strategy

The goal: To put a regional (Lancaster’s) economy on a trajectory of higher growth (growth) that increases the productivity of firms and workers (prosperity) and raises standards of living for all (inclusion), thus achieving deep prosperity—growth that is robust, shared, and enduring. 

Amy Liu, Remaking Economic Development, The Brookings Institution, 2016

To do this we center on People, Business and Government

Centered on People

  • Education (Civic, Tech College, UW System, Public/Private Schools)
  • Housing – Increase housing, in particular affordable housing
  • Quality of Life – Improve and promote

Centered on Business

  • Business Retention and Expansion – The Thank You Tour
  • Agriculture Manufacturing – Agriculture that Grant County is strong in
  • Central Social District
  • Commercial Corridor (including a Hotel)
  • Tech (in particular Ag focused Tech)
  • Entrepreneurs - Tech Based Individuals Seeking “Lancaster” Quality of Life
  • Free Lancers, Remote Workers, Co-workers

Centered on Government

  • Create efficient municipal processes that produce high value for the public
  • Customer service focused development processes
  • Provide sufficient infrastructure
  • Utilize appropriate incentives