The water department is regularly contacted by concerned residents regarding increases in their water consumption. The water utility directs these customers to read their meter to see how much water has been used since the last reading and record the meter reading at the same time everyday for several days to get an idea of how much water is used daily.

The customer should check the flow indicator on the water meter to see if it is moving when no water is being used in the home. If the indicator is moving, something is using water, such as a toilet, a water softener, etc. Generally, small leaks can be traced to a faulty toilet that cannot always be heard or seen.  Residents are encouraged to inspect toilets to make sure they are not running and the water in the tank is at the appropriate level. 

You can test your toilet for leaks by following the simple procedure below: 

  • Carefully remove your toilet's tank cover, and put a few drops of food coloring in the tank.  Wait several minutes and then check the toilet bowl.  If the coloring appears in the toilet bowl, your toilet has a leak.
  • Be sure to check randomly a couple of times because there could be a leak one time but not another. 

Occasionally, a water softener will cycle longer than normal or more often than necessary. Outside hose faucets can also run lots of water.


Call the Water Utility billing office at 723-6225 with concerns about your bill or the maintenance office at 723-2338 for other questions. Utility emergencies should be reported by calling 723-6447 and a live operator will take your call.