Lancaster Fire Department

The Lancaster Fire Department has proudly served the Lancaster Community for nearly 125 years.  The volunteer members of the Department have many years experience and are continually adding to the impressive number of certifications achieved and trainings completed.  The Lancaster Fire Department maintains an ISO rating of 3 within with the City limits.

The LFD Pledge:

Believing that no valuable interest of society can be successfully maintained without associated effort and further believing that no association is perfect which has not regularly established rules and articles of government for its guidance; therefore , in order to more thoroughly confederate for the protection of lives and property of our fellow citizens from the devouring element fire, we have bonded together and adopted the name the Lancaster Fire Department, with this Constitution and By-Laws for our government, which we mutually pledge ourselves to support. 

Please see the LFD Annual Report for information about the Department’s activities.

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Did you know that Grant County has had more tornado events than any other Wisconsin County except for Dane?  We sustained two small tornadoes in 2018, including an EF-0 tornado in Georgetown that was caught on video.  Luckily the 2018 tornadoes were short lived and caused minimal damage.

Governor Tony Evers has declared April 8-12 as Wisconsin’s Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week.  The Statewide Tornado Drills will take place on Friday, April 12.  The afternoon drill will have a mock tornado watch issued at 1:00pm and a tornado warning at 1:45pm.  The evening drill will have a warning issued at 6:45pm.  All municipal tornado sirens in Grant County will be sounded for both drills.  The drill provides a great opportunity for your facility to practice severe weather emergency procedures.  Below please see the attached Tornado Awareness Packet for more information. 

I’m also attaching information on the Emergency Management Alerting System, installed in most public facilities throughout Grant County such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, major employers and other public buildings.  If you don’t have a receiver, you may wish to consider purchasing one as it is a great way to get relevant, current severe weather information that is specific to Grant County.  For those who have receivers but have not been receiving the weekly tests (Wednesdays at 10AM), please contact our office and we’ll add you to our list of spring repair stops.

Also, please remember that Grant County’s SKYWARN weather spotter training session will be held on Monday, April 22, at 6:30PM at the Platteville Fire Station.