Lancaster EMS

Lancaster EMS

Lancaster EMS is looking to recruit volunteers to help provided a vital emergency service to the Lancaster area. We need EMTs to continue to provide cost efficient 24/7 coverage for medical emergencies. We are also looking for drivers to assist us. A driver would need to have or obtain an Emergency Medical Responder license. We will provide the training if needed.

Lancaster EMS operates (3) EMT-B service level ambulances. With the addition of flex staffing and additional ALS equipment and protocols, LEMS is able to include EMRs, paramedics, and nurses as part of the crew when available. LEMS stays busy with 911 calls and inter-facility transfers. We are on pace this year for over 800 calls for service.

To be able to work as an EMT, you need a Wisconsin EMT license. If you need to obtain a state license, the EMT training course is provided through Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. Please visit our website at for the current training dates . The costs for the class along with books and testing are covered by LEMS. You will receive a stipend for calls and transfers. You will receive LEMS clothing to identify yourself on calls. You will join a great bunch of EMTs!!

Contact Jeff Boughton (LEMS Director) at 608.485.0540 or email at to set up a time to come down to the Lancaster Fire Station and see what all the excitement is about.



Lancaster EMS has served the residents in Lancaster and the surrounding community since 1944.

Lancaster EMS is staffed by Volunteers, and responded to over 800 calls for service in 2022. In November 2019, Lancaster EMS hired their first full-time Service Director. We operate three ambulances at the EMT-B Level with “flex staffing”, providing Basic and Advanced Life Support for the City of Lancaster and parts or all of North Lancaster, South Lancaster, Beetown, Ellenboro, Little Grant, and Liberty Townships. An ambulance is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by on-call LEMS volunteers, who strive to provide the best possible emergency medical care to the residents and visitors of our community. Lancaster EMS is a private, non-profit organization. We receive no tax money and operate on donations and insurance billing. The City of Lancaster provides our station and insurance.

Lancaster EMS, Inc.
PO Box 293
312 N Washington Street

Service Director/Chief
Jeff Boughton
608-723-6331 (Office)
608-485-0540 (Cell)


Lancaster EMS Board of Directors:
Jackie Edge - President
Steve Braun - Vice President
Joanne Govier- Secretary
Nancy Burchett - Treasurer


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